The craft beer revolution has taken the US by storm and in now really forging a strong reputation in the UK, but what about in other countries? Are they also jumping on the craft beer bandwagon? On a recent trip to the south of Spain I found out that it isn't just the Brits and Americans that are brewing some extraordinary beers.

I recently got married, yes thank you very much, and as such we decided to escape the cold UK winter by going to the sunny south of Spain not far from Seville. After spending the first few days lounging on the beach and by the pool drinking a reasonable amount of Cruzcampo, the generic cerveza of the area, my tastebuds started craving something a bit different. I knew that Edge Brewing were based in Barcelona and in a conversation with one of their brewers Rob, I was aware that the craft scene in Spain was on the rise. So on a day trip to Seville I decided to check if there were any bottle shops around and low and behold the fabulously named, XXXII The Great Power of Beer and Wine, popped up on my screen. So I marched my new bride through Seville to find it. I can't speak for her, but I was not disappointed by what I found.

The selection of beers from around the globe was pretty impressive, but my main focus was on the ones produced in Spain. After chatting to the very friendly and knowledgeable staff I left with about 8 beers in my bag, but not before they pointed me in the direction of a local 'Cervezas Artisanes' bar called Maquila, the first brewpub in Seville and the home of SON Brewing Co. This bar has six taps that regularly change as well as some great tapas and fast food. 

Luckily I was able to experience the beating heart of the craft beer scene in Seville and would recommend for anyone visiting to go and pop into the establishments I have mentioned above. One thing I have learnt from this trip is that by immersing yourself into the local area you get to find some hidden gems.

For interest here are the brews that I picked up when over in Spain:
Red Courtesy - Herbed / Spiced Beer - 5.5%
Terroir, Sesma Brewing - Sour Ale - 5%
Nara, SON Brewing Co. - American Pale Ale - 6%
Lost Horse, Hectacombe Brewing Co. - American Pale Ale - 5.2%
APA, Cartujana - American Pale Ale - 5.2%
La Socarrada, Premium Beers from Spain - Herbed / Spiced Beer - 6%
Libre, Cervezas Libre - Red Ale - 5.2%
Er Boqueron, Premium Beers from Spain - Golden Ale brewed with Sea Water - 4.8%
MAYO 15:37, SON Brewing Co. - Saison - 6.8%
Power Plant, Edge Brewing - Saison - 8.2%
Coviran Cerveza Elaboracion Clasica, Font Salem - Lager-Helles - 4.5%