Regular readers will have seen that I am a keen visitor and writer about UBrew in the Bermondsey beer mile, London. The reason for this is because I love the concept of an open brewery and they also host amazing events! By actively supporting emerging brewers since their opening in 2015 they have been able to grow their own experimental brand of beers, The Alpha Series, but the time has come for them to launch the self described 'biggest, baddest and most bodacious' of these beers for general release to you!

The Bermondsey beer mile is a must for any craft beer fan with UK craft brewery big hitters such as Brew By Numbers, The Kernel, Partizan and Four Pure pouring unbelievable brews for you along the way. In amongst it all are UBrew, an open brewery founded by Matt and Wilf, where members can brew their own beer! These guys and their dedicated team, they're awesome by the way, have helped around 500 craft beer lovers try their hand at brewing and are responsible for helping 25 licensed brewers get access to commercial expertise. Not a bad return for a place calling a couple of railway arches home.

Through nurturing the brewing talents of all these people their experiments they decided to create their own experimental brand of beers, The Alpha Series. Where it seems like the main criteria are it has to be bloody delicious and frankly very bold. By pushing the limits on these small batches they have been able to learn and do new things with feedback given from their drinkers. All of this has now reached a head where the biggest, baddest and most bodacious of these recipes have emerged from the ruins of the ones that didn't cut the mustard, ready to be brewed on their 5BBL kit with the help of Johnny Clayton (former head brewer of Wild Beer Co).

The beasts to emerge are Rocket Bear, an explosively good IPA; Octobear, what happened when sorachi ace met saison; Hoplust Stout, stout turned up to 11 and Roots, pale ale infused with maple wood. I got my craft beer loving hands on all but Roots and here is what I think of them.

Rocket Bear - 6.9% ABV
It's a freaky bear with a cannon for an arm! What madness is this?!? This hop forward IPA is Pandaring to those who have a lupulin threshold shift by cramming the hell out of this beer with hops, hops and yet more hops. Probably with even more hops just for good measure! Make sure you drink this fresh so as to enjoy all the hop character at its best.

Octobear - 6.9% ABV
Farmyard meets lemon orchard, this hopped up saison is certainly a hybrid just like the name suggests. There are flavours of pepper and coriander that come through making this a really easy drinking saison and my favourite of the three I tried.

Hoplust Stout - 6.0% ABV
Reminiscent of the Edgar Allan Poe, The Raven, you just know there is something outher worldly lurking in the darkness ready to jump out and grab you by the tastebuds. This stout is filled with the three C's, centennial, cascade and columbus and the way they combine with the malt bill makes this a very well rounded beer which I want more of.

This epic beer series is something that will have more and more people flocking to UBrew and it would be good to see this as a continuing range where new recipes are added over time with some favourites coming back for occasional appearances. If you like them let the guys at UBrew know through the various social media outlets, I just wish I had more of them in my fridge!