Through a desire to go against the grain and do things their own way Rogue drinks have been pushing the boundaries of imagination for craft beer. The ground to glass approach they have really is something to be admired as this gives them total control over what goes into their products.

Rogue drinks have been a presence in Oregon since 1987 and have gone from strength to strength since John Maier joined the crew as a the head brewer in 1989 having previously been the American Homebrewers Association Homebrewer of the year in 1986. So it's no surprise that some of the off the wall home brewers ideas are prominent in the offerings from Rogue.

They are also proud to produce its ales using as many of their own grown crops as is possible and a non-pasteurised process without preservatives meaning that each batch of the same beer is slightly different, this will sound very familiar to most home brewers. With an enviable amount of variety in the beers they produce there is definitely something for everyone and every occasion. Be it the spicy Chipotle Ale, Voodoo doughnut lemon chiffon crueller ale or the very quirky Beard Beer, you have to see it to believe it. Whatever your palate, amber or dark, malty or hoppy, sour or sweet go out there and fine some of their beers to try. My experience from them has been a very favourable one as I like to try beers that are completely off the wall and very niche.

My favourites so far are: Dead guy ale; Morimoto Imperial Pilsner; Yellow snow IPA and the Brutal IPA.