Producing a spectacular craft beer is a skill which brewers have been trying to perfect for years dedicating time and plenty of effort to create the brews which we love. Imagine if this recipe creation could be performed by a machine? Would it be as good? Siseley Coates-Harman and Hew Leith believe they have been able to do just that with IntelligentX Brewing Co. The first artificial intelligence brewery.

As brewers we have the potential to create an almost endless amount of beers by utilising the different types of grain, hops, yeast and other additions. This can make the process of designing and testing a beer to see if it is as good as we hope a laborious and time consuming task. So wouldn't it be easier if we had a machine which could perform this task for us and then adapt the recipes based on drinkers feedback. This is the brain child of two guys who are on a two person one machine mission to change the face of craft beer. Sisley and Hew have come together to create ABI, Automated Brewing Intelligence. 

The IntelligentX Brewing Co team

ABI uses customer feedback, which is provided by Facebook Messenger, churns it through its fancy algorithm which uses machine learning and something called bayesian optimisation to adjust the recipe with the ultimate aim of creating a championship winning craft beer. So far with input from the brewers at UBrew they have produced four beers:

Golden AI - A classic British Golden Ale using Golding hops.
Amber AI - British bitter with an amber colour giving off hints of grapefruit for a late summer fruity hit.
Pale AI - An American Pale ale packed to the rafters with Cascade hops to give it that all American feel.
Black AI - A strongly smoked Porter, described as a marmite beer which they hope you will love and not hate.

Can ABI create beers which are better than a human? I guess there is only one way to find out, get yourselves down to UBrew in Bermondsey and buy some of their beer, then let ABI know what you think. If you really like the brews then Hew and Siseley are going to be making all the recipes open source so that you can recreate your favourite beers at home.

To learn a bit more click on the video below and post any comments that you have in the comments section, I'm really interested to hear your thoughts on the use of ABI in brewing.