In a quiet corner of Cambridge two brothers are trying to create something a bit special. Sam and Tom Calverley who have setup a new microbrewery in Cambridge  producing artisan beer for local pubs and patrons. They have been operating out of 23A Hopper Street, CB1 2NZ since 2014 and after having been keen home brewers decided to make the switch to trying to be full time micro-brewers.

Currently, their staple beer is their Best Bitter which is an excellent sessional ale that is very easy to drink and typical of what is expected from a best bitter. However recently they have been looking to expand the range and have been busy experimenting and have produced a Citra and Simcoe Pale Ale which has been dry hopped to give it some serious fruity hop character which is great for the summer weather. This beer stands up well against a lot of the other offerings out on the market and makes these brothers well worth seeking out.

Sam and Tom are extremely passionate about building up a local community of patrons and suppliers to allow people to really understand where their beer is coming from as well as enabling them to create beers to match what the people want to drink. To help build this type of local community they are giving their spent grain from the mash to a local allotment society where the allotments residents are using it for compost and chicken feed.

So what does the future hold for Calverley's Brewery? Sam and Tom have opened up the brewery for open days on Saturdays and want the public to come and meet them, learn their story and try their beer for themselves. They are also looking to expand the range of beers that they are brewing as well as trying further recipe development for different styles such as non-hopped beers from long lost recipe books as well as investigating the use of vegan friendly finings in their beer to ensure that everyone can enjoy the great taste.

The future is looking bright for these two brewing brothers and if you're in Cambridge go and pay them a visit to hear their story first hand and I'm sure you will be just as sold as I am.