Originally from the De Beauvoir Area of London, Beavertown is the old cockney name for this area, famed across Victorian London for its rich characteristics and infinite revelry. The brewery has rapidly grown since their founding in 2011, collecting many accolades and fans along the way, and have some of the most iconic beers and artwork out there for you to enjoy.

Set up in 2011 by Logan Plant in the kitchen of Duke's Brew & Que, the brewery ran at 4BBL per brew (650 Litres - 1150 pints). They rapidly out grew the location and set up a new facility in Hackney Wick, East London. With the extra space they were able to let their creativity loose and started pushing the boundaries with the experimental 'alpha series'. The success of the new brews and demand for product meant they once again had to expand and in May 2014 they moved to their new location in Tottenham Hale, upgrading to 30BBL (50HL) brewhouse. The original 4BBL kit from Duke's Brew & Que is still around and is used for experimental brews and the new 'alpha series'.

Their main desire is to innovate, stimulate and create. They do this by keeping things simple and focusing on big flavours which are full of character and well balanced. Innovation has been a key focus and they have demonstrated this by opting for cans instead of bottles and in this respect they are certainly trend setters for the rest of the industry. Their ethos is that they are here to brew and excel in everything that they do! This has been reflected in some of the awards that they have won including 'Supreme Champion Brewer 2015 and UK Champion Brewer 2015' from the International Beer Challenge for their canned Gamma Ray and Holy Cowbell India Stout. 

The beers come in a core range and a more experimental alpha range.
The core range consists of:
Neck Oil Session IPA - 4.3% - This is their everyday easy drinking IPA, late hop addition of American hops; Simcoe, Amarillo, Galaxy and Mosaic give this IPA a seriously packed flavour profile.
Gamma Ray American Pale Ale - 5.4% - A juicy tropical beer packed with flavours of mango and grapefruit gives this a distinct flavour and is one to seek out. The 'mars attacks' inspired artwork makes this easily recognisable
8 Ball Rye IPA - 6.2% - The use of rye makes this IPA spicy and earthy character and the addition of another ridiculous amount of hops gives this beer a fruity and spicy finish. The name comes from how they originally used to dry hop the beer by using pool balls to weigh down the hop sack in the beer.
Black Betty Black IPA - 7.4% - Trying to recreate the flavours of old chewy sweets 'Black Jacks & Fruit Salads', they wanted to take a big IPA and marry it with mild roast and aniseed flavours  along with tropical aromas from west coast hops. This is my personal favourite from the core range.
Smog Rocket Smoked Porter - 5.4% - One of their first homebrews, the recipe hasn't changed. This is a nod to the brewing history of Londons' past as well as the city's industrial history. This is caramel and raisin rich with a very smokey finish, reminiscent of the old smoke stacks of industrial London.
Holy Cowbell India Stout - 5.6% - A dry hopped stout full of deep chocolate and malt flavours from the dark malts and aromas of pine and tropical fruit.
Bloody 'Ell Blood Orange IPA - 7.2% - Available between February to May they have replaced the malt flavours with the zest and juice of the blood oranges late in the boil. The addition of American hops extenuates the citrus flavours.
Quelle Saison - 4.1% - Very pale and therefore low malt flavours backed up with a serious hop hit. This is available between May and August.
Stingy Jack - 7.2% - This spiced pumpkin ale is available from September - November and is great for when those autumn nights start rolling in. The use of cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves gives this a very spicy flavour.
Heavy Water Sour Cherry and Sea Salt Imperial Stout - 9% - Black as the night with masses of roasted malt and dark sugar flavours infused with sour cherry and sea salt to give an umami feeling.

The Alpha Series is the experimental range where they try and brew something new every few weeks. Notable beers include the phantom series, sour beers spruced up with different ingredients e.g. lemon, passionfruit and coriander, lemon and earl grey tea.

Since they started in 2011 Beaverton have only gone from strength to strength and they are now looking to expand again. With their iconic artwork and exceptional flavours I can see this continuing for the foreseeable future. If you have a Saturday free why not go and visit their tap room for beer fresh from the vessel and the opportunity to see where the magic happens.