'Oh what a wonderful time of the year' as the song goes. This can be the case but for a lot of people this isn't always the case as being involved with family for the holidays can be a bit intense and hard to deal with. So how to get through it? Beer usually is the answer to most questions. Here is my beer survival guide for Christmas day.

The day starts with breakfast and unavoidable early start, this is tough going if you have had a particularly excessive Christmas Eve! To help get past the hangover and into the festivities this year my go to is the Mad Hatter Brewing Gooseberry Grisette. Not quite on of your 5 a day but a great alternative to Bucks Fizz providing a fruity low hop pick me up.

Once you have navigated the morning you will need something to get you to Christmas lunch and create a steady base for the rest of the day. A pale ale would be good for this as it will not be too hoppy to ruin your taste buds for the main event but I'm going to be picking out something a bit more seasonal. Burning Sky's L'Automne a saison inspired by the countryside containing rosehips to give it a lightness and freshness which at 4.2% ABV is the great mid morning drink to create a base for the plethora of food coming your way.

Congratulations on navigating the morning and avoiding the unenviable task of entertaining the older relatives or even worse the children! Now it's time to get that buzz really rocking. The lunch is often filled with big fatty food so what better way forward then a big hoppy IPA with a punchy malt bill. This is where Hawkshead IPA at 7% ABV will be the perfect gift for the party. It has enough bitterness to cut through the fatty food and won't overpower your taste buds. Then when the christmas put comes rolling out I'm going for the Tiramisu Imperial Stout from Hawkshead and Cigar City. The extra sweetness is a sure fire way of setting you off in the right direction for the evening.

Then to finish off the day and say goodbye to another year of socks and over boiled brussell sprouts I'm reaching for Lost and Grounded Hop-Handed Fallacy a farmhouse ale with citrus and spice and all things nice.

So that's my christmas plan laid out for you. Enjoy the season and cheers to all and to all a good night!